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New Asphat Shingle Roof

New Rubber Roof

New Gutter System

Roof Repairs

Roof Maintenance

New  Windows

Window Capping

New Fascia Work

Vinyl Siding

New Deck


New Homes

Storm Damage/Repairs

Insurance Work

Roofing Certification

       New Roofing

    Asphalt  Shingle

we offer Complete Tear off, of all Roofing Materials, to the original Deck

Inspect the deck

Remove all nails and old metal Flashing as needed

 And Install New Shingle Roof System

Mostly Architectural Shingle

Price is

Per Square

Roof Management

We offer Roof Maintenance for all Residential  and Commercial Roofing

price Varies per square

Roof Coating

We inspect your Roof, and repair any cracks, or Gaps as needed and apply a thick Coat of Aluminum Fibered Coating..

we recommend doing it every 3 years

From $249.00

Roof Ventilation

we Recommend attic ventilation on all Gable Roof, where Applicable

Rubberized Roofing

For All Low slope Roof

Roof Leak Repairing

Most of our repairs, are from $149 and up...

when possible!

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